Our goal at Kona Capital is to build long lasting relationships through specialized equipment financing to meet each client's needs. Here are just a few of our flexible programs:

  • One Master Lease Line to provide a line of credit. Minimize time and paperwork by securing the necessary funds to last for the year. An economical, simple and fast phone call to your sale representative each time you wish to purcahse new equipment.
  • Seasonal Payment Structures, Step-up, Step-down, 90 Day Deferrals, Customized Payment Structures. Let us know which months you wish to defer your payments and we will structure a lease accordingly.
  • Technological Upgrades. We realize that technology is constantly changing. The equipment that you utilize today may be obsolete in three years down the road. Because of this we specialize in leases that allow you to upgrade your equipment at any time throughout your lease.
  • No down payment. Little out of pocket expense.
  • Off Balance Sheet Financing.


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